Is a good story worth something? We believe it is.

The Pound Project is an independent crowdfunding publisher based in the UK.

At the end of 2018, the company won The Bookseller’s coveted BookTech Startup of the Year Award: recognition for our innovation in the publishing world.

But we're not just selling books, we're shouting about the value of reading and writing for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are.

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We crowdfund with just one story and one writer at a time: with each new project, it is just £1 to read/hear it online. For £5 you can buy the lovely book in print.

The books are limited edition: our products are only for sale during each campaign. Once it ends, that's it. From there, we create the books and send them straight to everyone who backs us.

We’re rethinking the way to raise funds: setting a low target at just £500 and working inclusively with writers to raise their profile.

We are completely transparent about paying our writers their equal share: behind every story there are hours of work and dedication. Too often this goes unrewarded and this is unsustainable.

We make rewards that are affordable and environmentally friendly: is a brilliant piece of writing worth a quid? Is a gorgeous booklet to your doorstep worth a fiver? We want our stories out there using sustainable, recycled materials. We want all backers to feel like they are part something important.

We know time is precious: that's why we make books you can carry in your back pocket, share with friends, read on your phone, or listen to on the bus. Meticulously crafted, every design feature has been considered to make The Pound Project's book an amazing experience.

This is a compelling time for storytelling.

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If you think you have a story to tell, or have any enquiries, contact us at: