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backers - Part one

The Pound Project and JP Watson are grateful to the following:

Alan Watson, Alexa Hartwell, Alex Evans, Alex Percy and The Modest Merchant, Alison Tsang, Andy Watson, Anna Turton and Si Parry, Annie Kennefick-Lennon, Anthony Hull, Arran Aver, Austen Bamford, Barnabas Lee, Ben Marsh and Lottie Lyne and Crew a la Mode, Benyah Baidoe-Ansah, Carley Taggart, Celia Armstrong, Charlie Vaughan-Fowler, Colette McCann, Dale Green and Antonia Robinson, Daniel Murphy, Daniel O'Connell and Vilma Kivelä, Daniel and Natalie O'Connell, Danny J Müller, Dean Brennan, Devavani Conroy, Dominic Porter, Dominika Zientek, Dylan Rees, Eamon Collins, Edward Browne, Eimear Ni Bhroin, Emily Hall, Emily Worthington, Emma Beale, Eryka Isaak, Feargal Ó'Madagáín, Fran Watson, Gerard and Josie O’Connell, Guy and Allie Henderson, Haval Khalifa, Hayley Frances Wilson, Helen Lines, Helen Watson, Henry Hales, Hilary Watson, Hollie Sturley, Holli Young, Iain Armstrong, James Anderson, James Curtis Brewer, James Fountain, James Myers, James and Sinead O'Connell, James Westwood, Jamie Joiner, Jeanette and Jess Durman, Jessica Harris, Jess Phillips, Jit, Kathryn, Roxy and Suri Coulter-Patel, Joey Medrington, John Fell and Lunar Festival, Jonathan Chauncy, Jo Povey, Joseph Chan, Josie Carter, Jo Wilson, Judy McKirdy, Jules T, Julia Gross, Kat Harding, Katie Green and Workshop Below, Katie and Bradley Wilsher, Kevan Carr, Kimmy Harvey, Laura Boyce, Leon Alexander Geernaert, Leon Yearwood, Liam Reilly, Lizzie Murphy, Louise Davies, Louise Powell, Lucy Burnham , Luke Collymore, Macken Armstrong, Macken Smith, Maddie O'Shea, Maggie and David Armstrong, Magic Door, Marlowe Green, Mark Murphy, Matthew Clugston, Matt and Laura Humphries, Matt Ridding, Max Henson, Mazzy Snape and Bread, Magic Door, Megan Bliss and The Engine, Metz Jnr and Sara Baker, Michael and Louisa Frost, Naomi Todd, Niamh O’Keeffe, Nicholas Clarke, Nick Roberts, Nicola Atkins, Nikki Burnham, Nirmal Vora, Noel Griffin, Ollie Davenport, Ollie Patrick, Onni Hull, Patrick Hamm, Patrick Dunleavy, Paula Murphy, Peter McFeely, Peter Sparks, Phillip Wesson, Rebekah Wright, Rob Igglesden, Rory Martin, Rosie East, Ross Jarvis, Ross Noon, Ruaraidh Wilkinson, Samuel Spencer Baylis, Sian Jones, SJ, Damien and Monty Molony, Sophie Pilling, Sophie Todd, Steve Woods, Stewart Hampton, Tim McKirdy, Tom and France, Tom Flaherty, Tom O'Brien, Tom Rogers, Torquil and Juree Chidwick, Vanessa-Faye Stanley, Victoria Marr, Will, Oonagh and Marnie Stoker, and Zita Neville.

Thanks for your support.

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backers - part two

The Pound Project and The Murphy family are grateful to the following:

Paul Murphy for his music, stories and friendship. We also thank Hilary Copeland and all at the John Hewitt Society for working with us and for the excellent job they do supporting emerging writers and artists. Thanks to: Aileen McIvor, Aine Murphy, Alex Evans, Alice Murphy, Alison Best, Anna Baranski, Anna Foster, Arran Aver, Bernadette Mulligan, Brett Wilde, Brian Ferry, Carley Taggart, Carmen McIntyre, Caroline Smith, Carol Meredith, Carol Murphy Brown, Celia Armstrong, Chris Henderson, Claire Richardson, Clare Garner, Colette McCann, Dan Hartland, Daniel Murphy, Daniel O'Connell, Eamon Collins, Eamon Ferry, Frances Watson, Francis Mallon, Heather Wren, Helen Lines, Helen and Alan Watson, Iain Armstrong, Ian Ferguson, Isabel Rubio, James Anderson, James O'Connell, Janice Connolly, Jessica Harris, Joe Sutton, John Fell, Kate Barry, Kirsten Ellis, Laura McDermott, Lawrence Cairns-Smith, Leon Alexander Geernaert, Liam Dolphin, Liam Reilly, Linda Faulkner, Lydia De'Ath, Lynne Kevill, Macken Armstrong, Macken Smith, Maggie Armstrong, Mark Murphy, Marla Anderson, Martin Bartlett, Mary Murphy, Matthew Clugston, Max Gittings, Michael Hoskins, Nadine Stones, Niall McArdle, Nicholas Clarke, Nicola Toms, Noel Griffin, Paul Burns, Phillip Wesson, Phil Lunn, Richard Shakespeare, Rob Arthur, Robin Valk, Ross Musgrove, Ross Noon, Shawn Twomey, Siân Jones, Sophie Todd, Sue McGowan,Ted Heslin, Terri Longworth, Tim McKirdy, Tony Geeson and Victoria Davis.

Thanks for your belief.