pandora sykes

She has written for the likes of The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, ELLE, GQ and Vogue Australia. She is the co-host of The High Low, the UK's most popular women's podcast. She is a broadcaster, a speaker, and a parent.

But now Pandora turns her attention to authenticity. In her intimate, thought-provoking essay, The Authentic Lie, Pandora explores ideas about womanhood, mental health, social media, celebrity and the things that 'define' who we are.

She says: “As a journalist it is usual to become type-cast. I wanted to scratch an itch that I hadn't been able to do, yet, as a writer. The Pound Project gave me the opportunity to immerse myself, totally, in a passion project.

"My favourite kind of essay-writing combines pop-culture and modern philosophy, while never patronising or stringing along their reader. I wanted to see how far I could wrangle with the concept of authenticity, without the reader needing a lifeboat.

"Our modern life is defined by zeitgeisty buzz-words, but two such words - 'authenticity' and 'curator' - make impossible bedfellows. In a hyper-curated world, is an authentic life even an option? And what - when applied to the human experience - does 'authenticity' actually mean?"


What is your favourite book?
Tough call. But I would say that Atonement made the most intense impression on me.

What is your favourite quote?
You are only young once, but you can remain immature indefinitely.
(Victor Lewis-Smith)

What's your favourite word?
Florid. Or fervid. I find words that begin with the letter 'f' the most delightfully.... flamboyant.