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paul murphy

Storyteller, author, actor, poet, musician, activist, teacher, troubadour, father, grandfather: the second story from The Pound Project was written by the Paul Murphy (1949-2016). 

Paul was an inspiration to many people in Birmingham and beyond. He was a unique performer who, at the age of just 16, crossed the Irish Sea from Belfast and embarked on a lifelong journey entertaining and educating his followers with his profound and personal storytelling. 

Paul was an artist and educator for whom the most effective education took place outside the confines of the classroom. For many years a solo performer in the folk tradition, he was also for a time the explosive, fez-wearing front man for folk dynamos The Destroyers. Paul was as much in his element telling stories and improvising songs for his friends and family in a tree house in his back garden as he was captivating an audience from a festival stage. 

Stories were at the heart of Paul's work whether songs, the written word, drama or film. He was an everyman with time for everyone.

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